Ben Stiller Birthday: 3 Awesome Movies That The Comedy Actor Also Directed

Ben Stiller Birthday: 3 Awesome Movies That The Comedy Actor Also Directed

Ben Stiller turns 54 today. The actor has been entertaining us for decades not with just his on screen presence, but also with his writing and directing skills. He has directed some gems in the history of cinema. And their is variety to his gemology. We have something as fine as Zoolander, then we have something as meta as Tropic Thunder. But nevertheless all of his directorial ventures are class apart. So, on his birthday today, we are going to list down three of the movies that Ben Stiller has not only starred in but has also directed. A very happy birthday to the dude.


Ben Stiller not only starred in but also wrote and directed this out-of-the-box satire. Robert Downey Jr stars as a black man, in case you wanted to know how absurd this movie is. Absurd, yes, but also self aware. The movie as a rating of 83% on Rotten Tomatoes. With this movie, Ben takes digs at self-centered actors and studios that cannot think beyond money.


Ben plays a male model, who after losing a beauty pageant, finds himself at the thick of a plan to kill Prime Minister of Malaysia. The movie has been directed by Ben Stiller. The movie over the time has become a pop culture phenomenon.


Ben Still has also directed this one, which is so different from Zoolander. Truly tells us how talented the man is. Empire wrote in their review, “As a director, this feels like Stiller’s moment. Mitty is a film that bravely rejects cynicism. In many ways, it’s the new Forrest Gump. Go with it and it is, in all senses, wonderful.”

we hope Ben keeps on making movies. As we can see from the progression of his filmography, he is only getting better with the craft. Maybe one day he will win an Oscar.