Bigg Boss 13 Shocker! Siddhartha Dey Shows Burn Injuries He Sustained on Show

Bigg Boss 13 Shocker! Siddhartha Dey Shows Burn Injuries He Sustained on Show

Bigg Boss 13 has evicted one more male contestant from the show. Siddhartha Dey has been newest victim of the audience poll’s axe. But turns out, the writer is a victim of a greater atrocity that took place inside the house. Siddhartha gained notoriety for his unsavory remarks on co-contestants very quickly on the show. But we never got to see one very important part of his story. During his exit interview with a TV channel, Siddhartha made a shocking revelation. The writer showed the cameras the burn injuries he suffered after bleach was poured on him by co-contestants. He said he is on medication for the same. Bigg Boss 13: Siddhartha Dey Gets Evicted, Reveals He Was Praying To Get Eliminated Throughout The Show!

Siddhartha Dey revealed, “Usually when people apply bleach on their face or body they don’t keep it beyond 7 to 8 minutes. But the bleach was applied on my body especially around the neck area and was on it for more than 8 to 9 hours. They had put around 1 kg bleach which had a worse effect on my neck. I suffered severe burns and the infection got inside 1 inch deep and then they had also put around 1 kg red chilli powder,” Exclusive: Bigg Boss 13: Evicted Contestant, Siddhartha Dey Has Something ‘Desperate’ to Say on His Bond With Shefali Bagga.

Watch Siddhartha Dey’s Shocking Video Here:

Siddhartha added that he was in immense pain, still he tried to keep it fun. “But then I went overboard. I am very regretful and remorseful. Whatever the situation was, I should not have said those things. I wanted to stop them in a positive way, but the situation got out of control,” he revealed. Exclusive: Bigg Boss 13: Evicted Contestant Siddhartha Dey Reveals That Rashami Desai Tried to Be Friends With Sidharth Shukla, but the Latter Seemed Disinterested.

Siddhartha narrated his ordeal in details as he revealed that he could not see properly for a few days after the incident. “Because of the injury I couldn’t sleep properly and developed several other issues like dizziness,” he said, adding, “But I am extremely apologetic and anything that hurts anybody is wrong,” the ex-contestant added.

There is a furore on the internet after Siddhartha’s shocking statement. The audience is lashing out at the channel for snipping off this important bit from the main episode.