Frozen 2 New Trailer: Olaf's Comedy Steals the Show in the Promo

Frozen 2 New Trailer: Olaf's Comedy Steals the Show in the Promo

Disney’s Frozen 2 opens in theatres this November. The fans of the first film are counting down the days to its release. The promos that the makers are dropping on the internet are making it very tough for them. A new trailer of the film was released on YouTube today. The UK trailer is pretty much like the last US trailer, but there are a few additional scenes. The new Frozen 2 trailer opens with Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Olaf playing a game of dumb charades. It is established that Elsa keeps on hearing a voice that no one else is able to hear.

As the ice princess sets out to find the source of the song, a series of unexplainable events occur. This leads to the main four members of Frozen setting out on an adventure to save Arendelle, their kingdom. Disney’s Frozen 2 Clocks 116.4 Million Views In 24 Hours; Makes A New Record!

In the new footage, everyone’s favourite snowman, Olaf, gets multiple moments to shine. Josh Gad’s voice makes it hilarious and the jokes land nicely. “I find clothes restricting,” he innocently says in one scene. He also asks a kid to now chew his leg as he doesn’t know what all he must have stepped in.

Watch The New Trailer of Frozen 2 Here:

Frozen 2 certainly looks fun from the promos. It is evident that the magical universe of the first film is set to expand in this one. The tone of the film is different from the first one. Maybe because that majority of the kids of who loved the film in 2013 are obviously in their teens now.

Frozen 2, directed by Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck, the film is all set to hit the screens on November 22, 2019. The 2013 Frozen movie won the Oscars for being the best-animated feature and also the best original song for ‘Let It Go’. We are hoping to hear a newer reprised version of the song in the new film.

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