Taylor Swift performs at Alibaba's Singles' Day Shopping Festival.

Taylor Swift performs at Alibaba's Singles' Day Shopping Festival.

China is celebrating their pride in being single today, November 11, 2019. The event is the largest offline and online shopping day in the world, with Alibaba shoppers exceeding USD 10 billion in less than 30 minutes of the event going live this year. And the biggest shopping gala was graced by pop superstar, Taylor Swift who delivered the latest hits from her album Lover to screaming fans in China. The award-winning musician ensured that all eyes were on her at the 11.11 Global Shopping Festival Countdown Gala. People cannot stop talking about the thrilling performance that the 29-year-old delivered and the craze is undoubtedly going to be there among fans for a longer time. Twitter is filled with moments from Alibaba’s Singles’ Day shopping festival. Photos and videos of Taylor performing at the magnificent event have taken over the internet.

Rocking in her signature matte red lipstick and winged eyeliner, the singer kicked off the show with the upbeat single Me! Like all her performance, the pop star made a quirky display, tied in her bold metallic and silver bedazzled belted jacket with a clingy bodysuit and thigh-high heeled boots—all of the same pattern. With her tresses styled in loose waves, Taylor appeared in her high spirits as she sang her latest hits at the show. Alibaba’s ‘11.11′ Singles’ Day 2019 Shopping Sale in China: Here’s How You Can Win Beijing Olympics 2022 Mascots for Free Online. 

Taylor Swift at Alibaba’s Shopping Event:

According to reports, Taylor was joined by several famous Chinese performers like G.E.M., Hua Chenyu, Kana Hanazawa, Ju Jingyi, Li Ronghao, Luo Yunxi, Jackson Yee, Zhang Jie and Zhang Yixing. You cannot take your eyes off her!

Watch Video of Taylor’s Performance at 11.11 Global Shopping Fest:

Clearly, the singer is just as big in China as she is in the United States. Ever since Alibaba announced Taylor’s performance, the excitement for the event has only doubled. We are not surprised looking at the result! Within just half an hour the company has set a new record, surpassing last year’s which reportedly saw USD 30 billion sales for the entire Singles Day. The Chinese company has been steadily live blogging updates on how much the shoppers are spending. The early sales are just an indication, and Alibaba is undoubtedly ready to hit some record that any other e-commerce giant has ever seen.