Yummy Tummy Sunday Binge

The Indian actress Shilpa Shetty Kundra’s instagram is a testimony to the fabulous life the actress lives. From her trips from abroad to the ongoings in her life, we get our dose of the gorgeous actress through the medium. She has been inspiring us in many ways. She’s been giving us major fitness goals by sharing her yoga, fitness and diet tips quite often on social media. Her patli kamar has remained the same since she captivated the nation’s heart with Main Aai Hoon UP Bihar Lootne, her item number in the 1999 film Shool. Since then she got married given birth to a child, has written fitness books and maintained a strict routine of eating fried foods and sweet on Sundays. A great advice she shared with all her followers on instagram is her idea of the ‘Sunday Binge’. Sunday seem to be actress’s cheat day which sees her throw all the caution she probably maintains during the week, to the winds. The actress loves ‘ ghar ka khaana’ and has been having Indian staple food for lunch, for a past decade or so.

Her first Sunday binge of 2019 was at very popular Elan café in London where she ate beetrootlatte, chocolate cherry cake, raspberry macaroon and triple chocolate mousse. Shilpa loves cooking and sometimes she would bake her own dessert to indulge in. She posted a photo in her social media account with her sister and friend and wrote “Sunday binge day, so decided to bake and fry chocolate fudge with caramel and whole wheat and semolina samosas”. When asked about her mantra to fitness she shared,”I keep my heart happy, stay active and make that I eat right, and chew my food. When your heart is happy, your mind is happy and vice versa”. Another from her baking days, shilpa makes a wholesome gluten free coconut and almond cheesecake along with buttercream and fresh strawberries. Shilpa binges on mini Rasmalais and justifies that it’s a source of protein since it is made with cottage chesse. She also enjoys crisp and deep fried churros and she’s not guilty about it at all because its ‘Sunday Binge’. She had the churros with vanilla icecream. One more from her baking days with some changes as she also indulges her son in cooking. She made a beautiful ice- cream cake from the scratch at home along with her son to keep him bsy in his summer holidays.

The lovely cake includes a layer of sponge, strawberry wafers, chocolate cookies, vanilla and chocolate ice-cream with crushed honey comb hits. She also enjoyed a famous dessert that you’ll find especially in the Ramzan month and is called Aflatoon. The delicious sweet is made with mawa, rava, desi ghee and milk. She shared in an interview with a leading newspaper, “my plate is very middle class. My lunch has to be Indian food no matter where I am and what I’m eating otherwise. I spent most of my first five years with amma as my parent were both working at the time. She had magic in her hands and the simplest food she cooked was simply delicious. Well we can learn a lesson or two from the actress about living life to the fullest without compromising on overall health and fitness. You can eat whatever you want on one day of the week, if you exercise regularly and eat healthyfood throughout the week.